Government and Institutional

Energy and Utility grants from State and Federal sources are propelling municipalities, hospitals, and schools to improve their infrastructure while lowering energy consumption. Available funding can pay for up to 50% of the total project cost reducing payback to less than 1 year. LumQuest can help identify government funding, prepare proposal and needed documentation, and support project approval. Each project is tailor designed based on your operating requirements, efficiency needs, and budget.

Industrial Manufacturing

Energy consumption and costs therein account for a large portion of the day to day operation. With the cost of energy on the rise and unwanted maintenance downtime, one way to mitigate and manage costs is to move towards energy efficient lighting. LED lighting has high useful life hours, works better in cold environments, consumes 50% plus less energy, and generates less heat compared to traditional light sources. Converting lighting to LED lighting allows you to shift maintenance dollars onto more value oriented work.

Office & Commercial

The “low hanging” fruit for improved energy efficiency in Commercial buildings is lighting. With 26% of Electricity Consumed by lighting, a change to energy efficient lighting is the easiest way to shake up the bottom line. Migration away from T12 to LED can save up to 80% in energy costs.


Our Strategy


  • Assemble Well Qualified Team Of Professionals
  • Establish Exclusive Relationships With Validated Manufacturers of SSL/LED Technology Based Systems in Order to Represent  “Best Of Breed” Technology
  • Implement LumQuest’s Core Competency

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