Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products DLC listed?

LumQuest qualifies all of their products to make sure they are DLC listed and eligible for Rebates

What is the warranty and does the manufacturer have the resources to stand behind the product?

Most LED products are fully warrantied for 10 years.  Although some manufacturers will have different terms, in which LumQuest will notify the customer on their regulations.  LumQuest‘s Manufacturing Partners are committed to completely stand by its product and are insured and bonded.

Are the luminaries mercury-free?

LumQuest uses lead-free solder in its electronic components and the LEDs are mercury-free.

What is the power factor of the power supply? How much power does it consume in the “off” state?

LumQuest, for example has Panel LED Lighting at 50W power supply has a power factor greater than 0.95 and consumes less than 0.5W in the off state. This power supply also integrates with control and wireless networks to ensure luminaries are on only when needed.

Does the color of the light output vary from fixture to fixture or in different spatial locations for a single fixture?

The color output of LumQuest is very uniform – this can be assessed by using a white piece of paper against near the LEDs to look at the color pattern of the light beam. DOE Energy Star® SSL requires a color spatial uniformity of .004 on the CIE 1976 (u’v’) diagram.

What is the expected L70 lifetime and how was it calculated?

L70 lifetime is the number of hours to 70% of initial lumens – the industry standard for expected useful life. The L70 lifetime of LumQuest is over 50,000 hours, 15 to 30 years in normal office use.

Is there an IES LM-80-08 test report for verification of lumen maintenance?

LM-80 is the approved method for measuring the lumen depreciation of an LED source. Standard laboratory conditions ensure that lumen maintenance is determined consistently among manufacturers. Because this is a relatively new standard that requires a minimum of 6,000 hours (nearly a year) of data, LED manufacturers have not had time to make LM-80 tests.

Is there IES LM-79-08 testing for verification of electrical and photometric performance?

LM-79 is the approved method for determining the electrical and photometric performance of LED luminaries. Standard laboratory conditions ensure reproducible measurements of total luminous flux, electrical power, luminous intensity distribution, and chromaticity, which must be based on Absolute Photometry methods for LED luminaries. To determine if you have a valid LM-79 test, you need to look for three items:

Can I rely on manufacturer’s quality?

LumQuest performs independent laboratory testing and warranties product life through Manufacturer’s Warranty or implied


Our Strategy


  • Assemble Well Qualified Team Of Professionals
  • Establish Exclusive Relationships With Validated Manufacturers of SSL/LED Technology Based Systems in Order to Represent  “Best Of Breed” Technology
  • Implement LumQuest’s Core Competency

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