LED Light Bulbs

The incandescent light bulb is a past tense, already gone from shops in Australia and Brazil. By the end of 2011 their sale will be banned in Britain, production ended in Japan and fadeouts will begin in the United States and intensify across Europe. Many are switching to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) that still contain harmful mercury and do not last as long as LED bulbs. Why switch to 30 watt CFL when a 6 watt LED will do the job? Welcome to the new light, LED bulbs are dimmable and come in PAR38, MR16, and traditional A19 incandescent sizes and equivalent fittings.

LED Panels – General Illumination

Lighting consumes a large portion of the electricity used in buildings in the United States. Much of that electricity is consumed by technologies that are outdated or inefficient. Light emitting diode (LED) technology holds the promise of replacing those technologies with a solid-state solution that is long lasting, more efficient and has a lower total cost of ownership. LEDs are emerging as the choice for the general illumination, competing with traditional 2’x4’ and 2’x2’ fluorescent troffers.

LED High and Low Bay

Lighting for high bay areas requires high illumination, given the high mounting heights of 16 to 40 feet. Traditional lighting products in this range consume undue amount of energy and provide too much or too little light in the right area. LumQuest recommended LED high and low bay fixtures have custom controlled optics and distribution patterns to meet the illumination requirement while consuming less than 50% of the energy.

Outdoor LED Street and Parking Lot Lights

Street lighting typically accounts for 30-60% of municipal energy budgets. Small municipalities have the opportunity to save millions of dollars from the conversion to LED street lighting. Designed to eliminate glare, light trespass, and sky glow, the LED Street and Parking Lot Lights only shine light at ground level. Multiple colors Temperature from 3000 K to 7500 K are available, suitable for different area and situation. The Power varies from small security yard, to major road. The lamp applies high power LED encapsulated in a well designed fixture to manage heat disputation.


Our Strategy


  • Assemble Well Qualified Team Of Professionals
  • Establish Exclusive Relationships With Validated Manufacturers of SSL/LED Technology Based Systems in Order to Represent  “Best Of Breed” Technology
  • Implement LumQuest’s Core Competency

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